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Valkee SummerLight

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DPL FlexPad


We have added Kathy Ireland's Full Line of Light Therapy Products.  These products include:  Anti-Aging Treatment Light Therapy, Acne Treatment Light Therapy, and Pain Relief Light Therapy.

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About Us

With the many different alternative products on the market in using a certain light to help treat a host of ailments, we decided to simply create a website that has the majority of products all on one website.  Light Therapy Solutions is a branch of True Sun LLC.  True Sun was created back in 1996 as supplying light therapy devices to help individuals treat Seasonal Affective Disorder or simply SAD.  From there, we expanded into other alternative products for other ailments, all natural.

Because we wanted to keep our focus on lighting to help individuals, we created Light Therapy Solutions.  Much of the products we offer were actually discovered by NASA.  Quite a few of them have FDA Clearance.

Please browse our site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

What is Light Therapy?

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Five Incredible New Ways To Help The Brain Heal Itself

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Light Therapy Promising for Treating Major Depression

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Featured Items!

DPL Flex Pad Pain Management Relief System


$ 199.00

Morning SunRise SRS100 Dawn Simulator


$ 105.00

Morning Sunrise SRS320 Dawn Simulutor Therapy Light


$ 169.00